Pastor & First Lady
Rev. Ronnie L Wolford & Wife Gladys
Lee Ann Wolford
Special First Lady
Pastor Wolford  began his walk with the Lord  in 1975 after  meeting his wife Gladys who was
already in church.   In February  of  1979  he was  called into the Ministry and has been active in
Ministry from that day up  and  into the present. Pastor World started his Ministry at the Mission
For Christ church at Thacker, WV.  Pastor Wolford began his own work in Matewan, WV in 1990,
renting a building in town, after six months the church building came open in Edgarton, WV and
we moved  the Pentecostal Tabernacle into that building. After eight years of worship  in the Old
Building there at  Edgarton,  we had grown  in leaps and bounds and was blessed  to be  able to
buy  property and  build  a New Sanctuary. The New Pentecostal Tabernacle  was completed  in
September  of 1998 and  we moved  in and had our first service and have been bless every year