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Preaching Messages: Pastor Wolford

Speaking The Wonderful Works of God
Staying On The Rock
Turning Your Sorrow Into Strength
Things Not Seen

Who Is That God

What Child Is This

He Almost Missed It

I'm Not Going Back

A Struggle

Ride Out Your Storm

Behold I Come Quickly

The Mystery Revealed
Don't Let Go
Standing In The Gap
Overcoming Your Fear
The Trial Of Your Faith
If Thou Canst Believe
We Know What We Worship
Preparing For The Enemy
No Weapon Formed Agaist Thee Shall Prosper
Why Are You Not Weeping
This World Is Not My Home
In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Thy Him
Watch Our For The Devil
Accepting His Will
Praying With Passion
The Star Of Bethlehem
Maintaining A Positive Attitude
Good Things Come To Them That Wait
The Foolishness Of God
What One Song Will Do
Tough Praise
Yes He Can
Judge Not According To Appearance
Hold ON
I Hear The Sound
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Looking Ahead
Apostolic And Proud
Standing In The Gap
Weapons of Our Warfare
Sowing In Tears
Overcoming Your Fear
Making The Best Of A Bad Situation
What Do You Believe
The Tabernacle Of David
Israel - The Apple Of His Eye
Israel -The Two State Solution Or Problem
The Fig Tree-Israel-Whose Land Is It
Discerning The Times
It's Never Too Late
What Have You Heard ?
Willing And Obedient
He's Able To Bring It To Pass
The Anchor Holds
Blood Bought And Devil Fought
Choosing That Good Part
He That Shall Endure Unto The End
The Rightous Cry - And The Lord Heareth
Just Keep Playing
For Such A Time As This
If God Be For Us - Who Can Be Against Us
The Devil Can't Stop What God Has Started
Rejoice Not Against O Mine Enemy
Praise Him For His Mighty Acts
Leah - God's Choice
You Can Touch Him
Something To Lean On
Hold On Until You Get It
Stairway To Heaven
Having A Mind To Work
He Knows Your Need
It's A Srait Gate
Expecting Something
Stay The Course
Desiring The Things Of God
Victory Shall Be Mine
Sowing With Tears
Forsaking All Others
Getting More Than You Ask For
Following His Star - Christmas Play Message
2015 Christmas Play
Drinking From That Spiritual Rock
The Devil Is Counting On You To Fail
Understanding What Is Most Important
Faith Or A Fleece
Finding Favour With God
Keeping Faith In Difficult Times
Just Follow Instructions
Not His Will That Any Should Perish
Making The First Move
When The Wind Blows
How Far Are You Willing To Go To Please Him
This World Is Not My Home
A Friend In Jesus
You Know Better
Just - When The Devil Thinks He's Winning
When My Heart Is Overwhelmed
Darkness Is Upon The Land
We Are Going Up - Not Under
What God Has Blessed-TheDevil Can't Curse
Is Anything To Hard For The Lord
A Nation In Decline - Part - 3
A Nation In Decline - Part - 2
A Nation In Decline - Part - 1
Turning Your Mess Into A Message
Planted With A Purpose
Running With Patience
Bringing Down The Walls
It's Never Too Hard
Because Thou Hast Kept My Word
As A Man Thinketh In His Heart So Is He
The Lord Is My Helper
It's Not For Sell
Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth
The Alabaster Box
When You Are At Your Lowest
My God Is Real
There's Power In The Ark
What Manner Of Man Is This
There Are Giants In The Land
If God Be For Us-Who Can Be Against Us
I Refuse To Live In Fear
There's Power In Praise
Battle Weary - But Don't Give Up
When My Heart Is Overwhelmed
It's Time To Wake Up
Reversing Your Situation
Walking With God
Knowing How To Pray
Don't Laugh - It Can Happen
The Sun Of Righteousness
The Trial Of Your Faith
Overcoming Every Obstacle
I Shall Not Be Moved
When It Seems Like There's No Hope
You Deserve Your Blessing
The Great Falling Away
There's Power In The Word Of God
Let Come On Me What Will
That We May Boldly Say - 2
That We May Boldly Say
Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is
Turn Your Test Into A Testimony
Count It All Joy
When The Infinite Became Finite
There's Not Another
The Great Lie
The Stone That Came Rolling Down Babylon
With God All Things Are Possible
Shattered Dreams
Time And Purpose
The Cost
Just Lay It Aside
Just One More Time
Fool's Despise Instruction
By Grace Are Ye Saved
Heaven's Going To Be Worth It All
Don't Die In The Wilderness
Faith Is Action
Cain's Offering Rejected
Hungry For The Wrong Thing
In Time Victory Will Come
Bitten By The Serpent
Remember Lot's Wife
Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone
.  Let Your Enemy Become Your Victory
You Can Kill The Messenger - But You Can't Kill The
.Except Ye Abide In The Ship Ye Cannot Be Saved
Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother
When Praises Go Up - Blessings Come Down
Above And Beyond
The Battle Is Not To The Strong
When Troubles Comes By Our Way
No Weapon That Is Formed Against Thee
  Shall Prosper
The Wisdom of God is Wiser than Men
He Cares - He Really Does
Making The Right Choice ( Audio Only )
He Knows What He's Doing ( Audio Only )
You Can Run - But You Can't Hide
Who Is That God
Be Happy In 2013
Don't Let The Devil Win
Faith Will Bring You Through It
There's No Reason To Fail
Bottled Tears
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
It's No Trouble
There's No Place In Church For Lazy People
Knocking - But You Can't Get In
Don't Laugh It Will Come To Pass
We Win
The Righteous Cry and the Lord Heareth
Somebody's In Trouble
Let This Be Your Pentecost
I'm To Blessed To Be Depressed
What The Devil Is Not Telling You
I Shall Not Be Moved
When Your Cross Gets Heavy
Turn Your Worry Into Worship
The Pleasures of Sin are Just for a Season
Putting Your Faith Into Action
When You Are At Your Wits' End
He's Looking For Seekers
Seek Ye The Lord While He May Be Found
If God Be For Us - Who Can Be Against Us 
Don't Let Fear Be A Factor
Don't Let The Devil Shake Your Foundation
It's About Midnight
Standing Strong In The Storm
The Battle's Not Yours
Getting Ready To Leave Here - Funeral Message
A Name Above Every Name
Greater Is He That Is In You
Encourage Yourself In The Lord Your God
The Ark and its Contents: Part-4: The Covenant
The Ark and its Contents: Part-3: Aaron's Rod
The Ark and its Contents: Part-2: The Manna
The Ark and its Contents: Part-1: The Ark
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Bible Studies: Pastor Wolford

Church Order 7: Evangelist

Church Order 6: Prophet

Church Order 5: Apostle

Church Order 4: The Minsitry

Church Order 3: Establishment

Church Order 2: The Assembling of the Saints

Church Order 1: The Kingdom of God



Sin -8: The Consequences of Sin

Sin -7: If We Sin Willfully & A Sin Unto Death Sin

Sin -6: The Three Categories of Sin

Sin -5: Lucifer's Fall - Hell

Sin -4: Lucifer's Fall - The Earth

Sin -3: Lucifer's Reign

Sin -2: The Fall Of Lucifer

Sin -1: The Origin Of Sin


                            Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Part 3: The Flesh

Spiritual Warfare Part 2: The Battleground

Spiritual Warfare Part 1: Our Adversary


                           Prayer & Fasting

Prayer & Fasting Part 3:

Prayer & Fasting Part 2:

Prayer & Fasting Part 1:


                    True Holiness Studies

True Holiness 8: Facial Hair

True Holiness 7: Vain Beauty - Cosmetics

True Holiness 6: The Ornaments of Jewelry

True Holiness 5: Modest Apparel

True Holiness 4: Women's Hair

True Holiness 3: Men's Hair

True Holiness 2: The Heart

True Holiness 1: The Foundation


The King James Verison Studies

KJV-4: The Vindicate Word

KJV-3: The Italisized Words Explained

KJV-2: Compared To Other Versions

KJV-1: The Inspired Word of God


                    Doctrine of Baptisms

Baptisms 7: Speaking In Other Tongues

Baptisms 6: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Baptisms 5: Is Water Baptism Necessary

Baptisms 4: Old Testament Name of the Father

Baptisms 3: Correct Mode of Baptism 

Baptisms 2: Is Water Baptism a Commandment

Baptisms 1: Different Types of Baptisms


                            The Godhead Series

Godhead Part 6 - The Holy Ghost

Godhead Part 5 - The Doctrine of the Trinity

Godhead Part 4 - Explaining Revelation 5

Godhead Part 3 - The Right Hand Of God

Godhead Part 2 - The Manifestion of God

Godhead Part 1 - God In His Origin


              The Tabernacle Plan Studies 1 - 9

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 9:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 8:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 7:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 6:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 5:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 4:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 3:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 2:

The Tabernacle Plan - Study # 1:


                  Bible Prophecy Studies

Eschatology - 47 Revelation Chapter  22

Eschatology - 46 Revelation Chapter  21

Eschatology - 45 Revelation Chapter  20

Eschatology - 44 Revelation Chapter  19

Eschatology - 43 Revelation Chapter  18

Eschatology - 42 Revelation Chapter  17

Eschatology - 41 Revelation Chapter  16

Eschatology - 40 Revelation Chapter  15

Eschatology - 39 Revelation Chapter  14

Eschatology - 38 Revelation Chapter 13-2

Eschatology - 37 Revelation Chapter 13-1

Eschatology - 36 Revelation Chapter  12

Eschatology - 35 Revelation Chapter  11

Eschatology - 34 Revelation Chapter  10

Eschatology - 33 Revelation Chapter    9

Eschatology - 32 Revelation Chapter    8

Eschatology - 31 Revelation Chapter    7

Eschatology - 30 Revelation Chapter 6 - 2

Eschatology - 29 Revelation Chapter   6

Eschatology - 28 Revelation Chapter   5

Eschatology - 27 Revelation Chapter   4

Eschatology - 26 Revelation Chapter   3 

Eschatology - 25 Revelation Chapter   2

Eschatology - 24 Revelation Chapter   1

Eschatology - 23 The Rapture - Part 2

Eschatology - 22 The Rapture - Part 1

Eschatology - 21 Matthew Chapter    24

Eschatology - 20 The Times of the Gentiles

Eschatology - 19 Zechariah's Prophesies

Eschatology - 18 Gog & Magog

Blood Moons - Prophetic or Theory

Eschatology - 17 Daniel Chapter   12

Eschatology - 16 Daniel Chapter   11

Eschatology - 15 Daniel Chapter   10

Eschatology - 14  Daniel Chapter    9

Eschatology - 13  Daniel Chapter    8

Eschatology - 12  Daniel Chapter    7

Eschatology - 11  Daniel Chapter    6

Eschatology - 10  Daniel Chapter    5

Eschatology - 9:  Daniel Chapter    4

Eschatology - 8   Daniel Chapter    3

Eschatology - 7   Daniel Chapter    2

Eschatology - 6   Daniel Chapter    1

Eschatology - 5  Jeremiah's Prophecy

Eschatology - 4  Jerusalem Part - Two

Eschatology - 3  Jerusalem Part - One

Eschatology - 2  The Origin & History of Israel

Eschatology - 1  The End Time: Introduction

                Prophecy Preaching Messages
  Israel - The Apple Of His Eye
 Israel-The Two State Solution Or Problem
The Fig Tree-Israel-Whose Land Is It
Left Behind
The Fulness Of The Gentiles
The Times Of The Gentiles
The Hour Of Temptation
The Church Cannot Be Defeated
Understanding The Times
Magog Is On The Move - Part Two
Magog Is On The Move - Part One
Magog Is On The Move - Part Three
The Doctrine of Free Will
Eternal Security Doctrine
The Doctrine Of Predestination
Serpent Seed Doctrine 5 - The Curse
Serpent Seed Doctrine 4 - The Original Sin
Serpent Seed Doctrine 3 -The Serpent Creature
Serpent Seed Doctrine 2 - The Two Trees
Serpent Seed Doctrine 1 - Fact or Fiction
From Christmas To The Cross
Christmas Play 2013
Christmas Play 2012
Dispensationalism Part - 2
Dispensationalism Part -1
Spiritual Fornication 

The Spirit Of Legalism


Church Order - 8: Governments
Church Order - 7: The Office of Teacher
Church Order - 6: The Office of Pastor 
                      The Biblical Principles of Giving
The Principles of Giving Part 1: Tithing
The Principles of Giving Part 2: Offerings
The Principles of Giving Part 3: Alms Giving


        Evangelist Messages

Jacob Ross: Destroy The Ships
Jacob Ross: Hell Has No Altar

Charlie Browning: How Do I Get Clean

Jody Hurley: One Thing

                                  Homecoming 2018
Bro Wolford: The House of Prayer
Bro Hart: Don't Mess With Jesus
Bro Hart: The Intensified Efforts of Hell
Charlie Browning: Don't Throw In The Towel
Jacob Ross: Eben-Ezer - Stone Of Help
Jacob Ross: A God That's Been Proved
Charlie Browning: The One You Feed Wins
Jody Hurley: I'm In It To Win It
Charlie Browning: The Voice
Jody Hurley: Becoming A New Man In Christ
Charlie Browning: Something Special About His Name
                         Easter Revival 2018
Pastor Wolford: Why Are You Not Weeping
Lloyd Hart: Take Me To The Altar
Lloyd Hart: Don't Push God To Far
Bro Jody Hurley: Prepare For War
Jody Hurley: Are You Keeping Your Fire
Bro Jody Hurley : Preaching       
Charlie Browning: Preaching 
                             Easter Revival 2017
Ronnie Wolford: Not Willing That Any Should Perish
Lloyd Hart: Just Watching
Lloyd Hart: I Can't Imagine Heaven Without You
    Jody Hurley: Its High Time To Awake
    Charlie Browning: Thank God I'm Forgiven
    Jody Hurley:   I Am Strong
    Jody Hurley: Come Expecting Something
    Charlie Browning: The Anointing
    Jody Hurley: Is Your Window Open
    Charlie Browning: Stick To The Program
    Charlie Browning: Walk Out What God
    Jody Hurley: Are You At Ease
    Jody Hurley: It Still Takes Preaching
  Jody Hurley: The Valley of Decision
  Charlie Browing: We Need Old Fashion Church
  Jody Hurley: The God of Break Through
  Charlie Browning: The Majority Rules
  Jody Hurley: It's Going To Be Worth It All
  Charlie Browning: Devil You Missed Again   
  Charlie Browning: More Than Enough
  Jody Hurley: Sold Out
  Charlie Browning: Gung-Ho
  Jody Hurley: It's Going To Take Patience
  Jody Hurley: A Living Sacrifice
  Jody Hurley: Show Me Your Faith  
Charlie Browning: Right To Remain Silent
Jody Hurley: The Battle Is The Lord's
Jody Hurley: Running With Energy
Charlie Browning: I'm Not Trading
Jody Hurley: Holding On
Charlie Browning: He That Hath An Ear
Jody Hurley: I Won't Back Down
Charlie Browning: Eagle Kind
Jody Hurley: Old Time Christian
Charlie Browning: The Lord Is My Shepherd 
Charlie Browning: Now Will I Praise The Lord
Jody Hurley: I'm Going Home
Jody Hurley: Formed And Finished
Charlie Browning: Keep On Walking
Charlie Browning: New Years Service
Jody Hurley: New Years Service
Jody Hurley: Dwelling In The secret Place
Charlie Browning: Disable The Label
Charlie Browning: Above And Beyond
Jody Hurley: Keep On Pressing
Jody Hurley:  Sitting Under The Juniper Tree
Jody Hurley: Set Your House In Order
Jody Hurley: Addicted Saints
Jody Hurley: Preparing To Escape 
Jody Hurley: Holy Ghost Power
Jody Hurley: The Price Of Sacrifice
Jody Hurley: Get A Grip
Jody Hurley:  What A Mighty God We Serve 
Jody Hurley: I'm Not By Myself
Jody Hurley: God Seeks True Worshipers
Jody Hurley:Keep Your Mind On The Battle
Jody Hurley: Determined To Reach My Destination
Jody Hurley: When God Speaks
Jody Hurley  It's Just About Home Time  
Jody Hurley Your Work Shall Be Rewarded
Jody Hurley  A Sleeping Disciple
Jody Hurley  We Are Able
                        Easter Revival 2016
.  Ronnie Wolford: The Third Day
.  Lloyd Hart: Rescuring The Lost
.  Lloyd Hart: What Will You Give Up Jesus For 
                       Homecoming 2015
Ronnie Wolford: Heaven Is Just A Prayer Away
Brandon McGuire: An Old Pile Of Stones
.  Ronnie Wolford: We Must Act On Our Faith
                       Easter Revival 2015
.  Brandon McGuire: The Name
.  Ronnie Wolford: The Wages of Sin is Death
.  Lloyd Hart; I Want To Go To Heaven
                 Homecoming 2014
.  Ronnie Wolford: The Night Is Far Spent
.  Brandon McGuire: The Peril Of Hidden Wedges
Lloyd Hart: A Nation In Decline
                 He's Alive Easter Revival 2014
Ronnie Wolford: Thirty Pieces Of Silver
Lloyd Hart: Change In Kings
Ronnie Wolford: The Sun Of Righteousness
Brandon McGuire: New Altar No Fire
            Homecoming Revival 2013
.  Ronnie Wolford: Just One More Time
.  Lloyd Hart: You Can't Get Out By Yourself
.  Jody Hurley: A Place Of Expectancy
             He's Alive Easter Revival 2013
.  Ronnie Wolford: He Is Not Here - He Is Risen
.  Barron Duffy: Anticipation For Tomorrow
.  Ronnie Wolford: When The Lamb Becomes The Lion
.  Brandon McGuire: What I See When I See The
            Homecoming 2012 Revival
.  Ronnie Wolford: The Writing is on the Wall
.  Lloyd Hart: A Generation Wrapped In Praise
Barron Duffy: Stand and Preserve
Brandon McGuire: Can You Hear The Rain
         He's Alive Easter Revival  2012
Pastor Wolford: When Sin Is Finished
. Lloyd Hart: Going To The Other Side
Jody Hurley: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
Brandon McGuire: Burn Your Ships
              Homecoming Revival 2011
. Pastor Ronnie L. Wolford   One More Chance  
. Rev Brandon McGuire              I Have A Dream 
. Pastor Lloyd Hart:  So Close-Yet So Far Away